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Financial Education as Employee Benefit

Studies have shown that employees who are offered a financial wellness program through their employer are
twice as likely to report being very satisfied with their job and their employer.

Our Investing Workshops will show that your company cares about the well being of its employees and increase its attractiveness.
Boost your employee retention rate
Over 60% workers change jobs because they're not satisfied with their benefits and rewards
Keep employees happy and focused
25% of people report that their financial issues have been a distraction at work or impacted their health
Attract new talent
67% of workers said they are more likely to be attracted to another company that cares more about their financial well-being 

The Importance of Financial Education

Avoiding big financial losses

People who lack Financial Education are much more likely to gamble their money or listen to scammers

Getting the most out of your savings

Financial Education means knowing where and how to invest your money, so that it doesn't lose its purchase power

Connecting life goals with investing strategy

Our goal-based investing approach helps your employee build a plan that is tailored to their unique needs

"Investing is simple but not easy."

~ Warren Buffett

Why Work With Us


We have been organizing for the last year free and paid events, delivering Financial Workshops
to more than 50 people.


The Financial Workshops we are offering do not hide any financial product to sell - the only product we are offering is unbiased financial knowledge.


We chose the name “Simplinvest” because we want to make Financial Knowledge accessible to everyone, limiting the math and the technical aspects of investing to the necessary minimum.
"Lorenzo helped me understanding better the products that I already bought and he gave me a method to use when evaluating new investments.

I strongly recommend working with him if you have already done some investments, but you feel that you could do better. "

Richard Lucas

Social and Business Entrepreneur
"Simplinvest is an excellent service in much the same way as Lorenzo Brigatti is an excellent professional. He helped me build a personal financial plan, that in term evolved into a business financial plan

I wholeheartedly recommend Simplinvest as a way to understand how best to manage your finances and your future, or present, investments"

Erik Agudelo

Entrepreneur, Game Developer
I had a couple of sessions with Lorenzo about Personal Budget Planning and Investment principles.  Lorenzo provided a personalised action plan, both in terms of budget saving and potential investment opportunities.

For me, the most important was that Lorenzo provided me with principles, instead of dry theory. Whose principles I am now using in decision making.
Consulting Engineer

Anatolii Shokhin

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