For some people saving money is effortless. They don't have the urge of spending on stuff and, from what I noticed, they had parents who taught them the importance of saving (that was my case, as well).

Still, saving money is something that can be learnt, even if you didn't have an head start in life. It will take you a bit of extra work compared to the "naturals", but once you will master the basic principles, you will not have any problem anymore with savings.

To make saving easy, it's important to take a step back and ask yourself:

What are the biggest problems with saving money?

Usually the answer I hear more often are:

1. The pain of not buying something you feel you want and will make you happy.
2. The fear that living a limited life today will not make you able to enjoy your money tomorrow.

In a nutshell, saving is associated with fear and negative emotions.

It feels like starting doing physical activity after a long period of inactivity.

Everything hurts and you start to doubt if all this pain is really worth the future reward, getting fit.

And what if for some bad luck you will end up not getting this reward? Tough stuff.

If you want to start saving money and you are not a sadist, you will need to find a way to forget about pain and fear and transform them into something else.

And I recently found something very powerful, which is working very well for me: consider saving as a gift to your future self.

According to a psychological theory, we have 2 selves: Present Self and Future Self.

Present Self is the person you are right now.
He is the one supposed to have his shit together, to work hard and be responsible.

That usually works until something more fun or interesting comes up, and then Present Self usually decides to pass all of his responsibilities to his friend, Future Self.

Future Self will be the one working hard to reach this goal. He will be the one not sleeping for 2 days to complete this project or pass this exam.

That’s why people are going through life-or-death marathons next to a deadline, and sometimes even that is not enough to complete the task on time.

If I were to be Future Self I would hate Present Self for not respecting my time and forcing me into getting a huge amount shit done in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately for Future Self, there is not a time machine which can bring him in the present moment and shout at you.

What you should remember is that you are both Present Self and Future Self, so you should be nice to both of them.

Present Self is getting always the best stuff, wouldn’t be nice if from time to time you make a gift to Future Self, as a token of appreciation?

That is exactly what saving is about.

Saving is giving a chance to Future Self, allowing him not to work crazy hours, not to put his health at risk.

It's about giving him a cool vacation, the chance to retire early or something cool that he (you) would like to do in the future.

I am sure that when the time will come, he (you) will appreciate this generosity, and you will look with a smile back in the past, proud of what you have done.