Charlie Munger is one of my favorite investors of all times.

During my vacation time, I had a chance to read some career advice he gave to young graduate students and he took an interesting approach: instead of telling them what to do to be happy, he explained them everything they needed to do if they wanted to get miserable (here is a video of Munger's speech).

This approach is very smart because the concept of happiness can be different for each of us, but the concept of unhappiness is something we can all share.

Today I decided to apply the same idea to investing, explaining in detail what you need to do if you want to lose all of your money (100% guaranteed)

1. Invest without a strategy: invest is only something that you do following a hunch and only when you have a lot of money sleeping in your bank account, which is very annoying for you.

Buy only the hottest financial products: the stocks which went up more, the latest cryptocurrencies, a piece of a snails’ farm business (yes, I have seen that). The more you hear about a financial product (especially from people who don’t care about investing), the better this product must be.

2. If following hunches is not your thing, trust everybody when it comes to money. Banks, insurance agents, financial advisers (not paid by you), all of them have in mind your own interests first, and they will invest your money as if they should do it for their family. And in case you are wondering, you will always be at the first place in their mind and their heart, before the people who are actually paying them and their personal interests.

3. Invest only in financial products that let you earn a lot (at least 20% a month) and with no risk whatsoever. Only stupid people risk their capital to earn money, the clever ones earn billions without taking any risk. Oh, they are also doing nothing.

4. The best financial products are the most expensive. Very well-diversified ETFs and any financial products that cost less than 1% are for poor people. Everybody knows that if you want results, you need to spend more so go for anything that costs at least 3-4% of your invested capital when you enter, and each year. And of course, trust the people managing your money. Never check how they are doing, especially compared to their declared benchmark and try not to disturb them too much. The more they talk to you, the less they make money for you.

5. Speed is everything. Anybody can get rich in 20 years or more, but who wants that? The real challenge is becoming rich in a few months. So, do a lot of trading, especially if you are not a professional. Buy and sell as fast as you can and do not even look at the transaction costs and other fees. You will be so naturally good at this that you will just make a lot more than that.

6. Borrow as much money as you can. The best option is to use it for buying useless crap you will never use, but if you feel like you can also use the money you borrowed to trade (at least with a 10x leverage, if not it’s not fun). The more adrenaline you will feel while investing, the better results you will get.

Now that you know everything about losing money...just do the opposite!

Using this "via negativa" approach you will find yourself on your path to a rich life without even noticing.