Investing looks like black magic to most people.

Complicated formulas, technical jargon and a lot of talks about minutiae prevent people to make the first step to become investors, and grant themselves a rich life.

On the other side, there are aspects of investing that are heavily underrated for example why it feels so difficult to save even if it should be easier or what to do when one of your investments is not doing well.

(Hint: knowing what to do will not be enough, you need to have a strategy in place and a process to make sure you will apply it)

For these reasons I decided to create Simplinvest, a company which mission is to make the core concepts of investing simple and accessible to non professional investors, as long as they are keen to learn.

I created a Facebook group where you can find an investing crushing course (jargon and bullshit free), and much more.

Check it out here:

Simplinvest: Learn How To Invest and Manage your Money