About Us

Simplinvest has a mission: making investing simpler to understand for non professional investors
6 years

Of experience in investing on the financial markets

All knowledge provided by our team is based on practical experience gained throughout the years
2 years

Of experience providing financial training

Our training technique has been perfected over the years to ensure the best possible results for our clients

Satisfied clients in Europe and the US

We have been trusted by companies and individuals alike to provide great workshops and individual training

Meet the Founder

Lorenzo Brigatti

Founder and Trainer
First of all, welcome on this page!

I have been an investment geek since 2013, when I started investing after reading all the books I could find on this topic.

Fast forward to 2019 and now I have 6 years of experience investing in the US, Italian, and Polish stock market.
Some of my stocks did incredibly well, a few of them lost some money.

During my investment journey I discovered ETFs and Index Funds, and I realized how these products could make investing simpler and effective for non-professionals.

In 2017 I started teaching people the best strategies for non-professional investors via workshops, online content and 1-2-1 sessions.

Currently I am cooperating with Lixi Invest, an Italian company active in the financial education sector in Italy.

And in 2018 I started Simplinvest to help European investors making better investing decisions.

Our philosophy

At Simplinvest we believe that investing is not only about profits and great returns. It is about risk management and achieve your financial goals.

Buying a house, a car, funding your own company, giving your kids the best education and have a quiet retirement.

Investing can help you achieve all these goals and much more.


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